A Day at Neuschwanstein Castle

While staying in Munich, Germany for a few days on our amazing, cram-as-many-cities-in-as-you-can Europe trip, we decided to take a day trip to southwest Bavaria to see Neuschwanstein Castle.  Our train ride wasn’t too long, maybe around two or three hours, but the view was breathtaking and made every moment worth the trip! When you … Continue reading A Day at Neuschwanstein Castle

5 Things You Cannot Miss in Ljubljana

When I first looked up pictures of Ljubljana online, I was amazed at how beautiful it was. Usually, a city this pretty tends to be rather popular, yet when I mentioned to my friends that I was going to travel to Ljubljana, the majority of them didn"t even know it was located in Slovenia. So … Continue reading 5 Things You Cannot Miss in Ljubljana

Lessons Learnt from Volunteering Abroad

Volunteers choose to help overseas for many different reasons. It provides an opportunity to give back to a community or make a difference in the world. Surprisingly you can gain as much, or even more, from volunteering abroad as the communities you are helping. Putting effort into helping others and working towards a cause teaches … Continue reading Lessons Learnt from Volunteering Abroad

10 Things You Cannot Miss in Vienna

Being from Germany myself, I never really thought about Austria as a travel destination. To me it was just a neighboring country, one that was too similar to home and would thus probably not be very interesting, so I just avoided it. Boy, was I wrong. This week I finally made it to Vienna, and … Continue reading 10 Things You Cannot Miss in Vienna

My Travel Bucket List – Europe

Our world currently consists of roughly 200 countries, spread over seven continents. I am twenty-one and have visited around 35 different countries, some several times, and most of them in Europe. Even though lots of travellers like to brag about how many countries they've visited, I think the number is not what counts, but the … Continue reading My Travel Bucket List – Europe

Beating Post-Travel Depression: 5 Tips

The most difficult thing about traveling is almost always the day your trip comes to an end. Whether you've been on the road for just a couple weeks or you're returning home after a few years abroad, post-travel depression can hit you hard. This article offers some tips that might help you finally beat that … Continue reading Beating Post-Travel Depression: 5 Tips

5 Things You Cannot Miss in Milan

Known for its fashion, its luxury and its style, Milan is one of most famous cities in Italy. It certainly lives up to its reputation: you can find luxury stores like Gucci, Bulgari or Louis Vuitton at almost every corner, and even a scoop of ice-cream is more expensive than a pizza in other European … Continue reading 5 Things You Cannot Miss in Milan